Getting the visit. Tip #3. Be brief.

If you wish more donors would respond to your emails, we are here for you!

Here's tip #3 to write an email to get more visits.
(If you missed the first tips - Look for the Hook and Connect vs. Convince, you can find them here on the blog.)

When you write your next email:

Get to the Point: Be super brief. Say what you mean.

That's it.

But brevity is not easy.

In school, I added ridiculous amounts of redundant sentences and adjectives to essays to beef them up to the "1000-word" mark.

Donor emails are the anti-essay!

Make it phone-readable: More than half of all email is read on a phone.

If you're like me, you scroll to see how long an email is before you even read it.

Less scroll means it'll take less time to read, which boosts your chances of getting a response.

Here's your challenge for less scroll:
Use 4 sentences.

1. Intro: Hello from KU, Susan!
2. The Hook: Your 25-year career at Microsoft is inspiring!
3. Connect: I'd love to learn more about your journey from Lawrence to Seattle and what's led to your success.
4: The Visit: Would you have 20 minutes for me to swing by your office next Tuesday, December 19th?

Ok, you're allowed one bonus sentence: I'll call to follow up this Thursday.

Close with a "thank you." Studies show you are 50% more likely to get a response with a "thank you".

You've got this!

Try it. It's working for our Fundraisers' Monthly members.

It will work for you.

Let us know how it goes in the comments?