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Simple systems & easy-to-use tools
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Raise Money


20 fun, actionable, easy-to-digest videos, each with a Do One Thing! challenge to help you raise more money.


If you know you need to raise more money, but fundraising makes you feel creepy, anxious, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed...


You are in the right place!


By the end of this course you will:

  • Feel confident and generous – not needy, greedy, or apologetic about asking for money

  • Know exactly what to do each day to raise more money

  • Find the time to get it all done

  • Summon your conviction and deploy your curiosity to ask every kind of donor, foundation or company for money

This course has been a saving grace for me

The hardest part of fundraising is just creating good systems. Knowing what to do when, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Nancy and Jenna make it very accessible and practical to get out there and make real change happen. This course has been a saving grace for me. Now I know I can do it!

Development Director
Comeau Catholic Campus Center


Packed full of hands-on,
use-it-right-now information

The videos are so full of energy! I couldn’t wait for the next one. They are packed full of hands-on, use-it-right-now information. They are fun! Entertaining to watch! And the most important, genuine! Thank you!

Executive Director
Ottawa County Community Foundation

You gave us the confidence we needed to keep trying and moving forward

Thanks to you, during a year when our fundraising could have completely tanked, we are doing better than we did even last year. The knowledge, tools, insights, coaching and most of all the encouragement you provided gave us the confidence we needed to keep trying and moving forward.

Interfaith Housing

You're here because you need to raise money, but you might feel like:

  • asking for money is creepy, dirty, scary, rude, awkward, embarrassing, hard (or all of the above)
  • you don't know where to start
  • donors don't respond to your emails
  • you hate cold-calling
  • you don't know how to ask
  • you keep having the same conversation over and over
  • you don't have enough donors
  • your board should be raising more money

You deserve simple, straightforward advice to make fundraising less complicated and overwhelming.

We can help.

Whether you’re brand new to nonprofit leadership or a seasoned fundraiser, you’ll find meaningful support, new tools and inspiration in Raise Money.

Each module tackles the most burning questions we've heard and the thorniest challenges we’ve solved for the hundreds of nonprofit leaders and fundraisers we’ve worked with.

Module 1: Start here!

Designed for fast results, these videos help you get started immediately.

  • What to say so you don’t feel creepy. You’ll learn:
    • the 4 Raise Money Fundraising Fundamentals,
    • the anatomy of a great fundraising call, and
    • 3 simple steps to make that first call right now without feeling rude, intrusive, or apologetic.


  • How to find time for fundraising. This can be your biggest stumbling block – you’re so busy! But you’ll be surprised to learn how little time it takes to create remarkable fundraising results. Plus, we’ll help you uncover simple ways to find and protect that precious time to raise more money.

Module 2: Have a Conversation.

Every single thing you need to have productive donor conversations that raise more money!

  • How to get donors to talk to you. A completely different way to write an email that actually gets responses from busy donors and gives you something easy (and less awkward) to say in your voicemail message.


  • A persistence plan to get those hard-to-get conversations!


  • What to say when you sit down with a donor. Powerful questions to ask that help you learn what they really care about and would like to give for.


  • How to get your donors to consider giving more. A foolproof system to stay top-of-mind with people who could make a real difference for your nonprofit. The goal: when they’re ready to make a gift, they immediately think of you.


  • How to keep your donors giving! Four simple steps to help you show your donors that their gift to your nonprofit was the best money they ever spent.

Module 3: Ask Unapologetically.

Asking for money does not have to be complicated, mysterious or creepy!

We break down every possible step and help you learn how to ask:

  • Someone who used to give, but has stopped
  • Someone who’s never given before
  • A friend
  • Someone you hope will include your nonprofit in their will
  • A foundation
  • A company

You can feel proud and confident about asking – this is how.

Module 4: Plan & Persist.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is never more true than in fundraising.  

  • You’ll get the template and step-by-step instructions to complete a comprehensive annual fundraising plan, broken down by month, so you’ll know exactly what to do, when.


  • Whether you track your donors with an Excel spreadsheet or a fancy CRM, your fundraising plan will help you prioritize your major gift donor conversations. You’ll know who to talk to first, and next, and next to raise the most money.


  • You’ll have strategic, calendared steps to help you:
    • increase your opportunities for grant funding,
    • make the most of your corporate sponsorships,
    • leverage your events and
    • maximize your annual appeals.


  • Looking for more donors? We’ll share the best ways and places to find new donors who care about your mission.



I was struck by the amount of tools

I was struck by the amount of tools we received and the number of little tweaks I learned that are already paying off in my approach with donors. It was such a privilege to learn from you. This experience is not only elevating my value as a fundraiser but also as a department director and leader.

Director of Development & Marketing
Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Raise Money


You'll get an uncomplicated  fundraising manual.


  • You'll get access to 20 easy-to-digest, fun videos, each with a Do One Thing! challenge to get you started on the path to raising more money right away.

You can binge watch or follow a tried-and-true 4-week curriculum.

  • A downloadable comprehensive guide with big ideas, core principles and exercises to help you reflect on and implement what you learn immediately.

We’ll help you take small steps that create powerful new habits and add up to real fundraising results!

  • You'll get access directly to Nancy and Jenna through the Q&A.

Ask any question as you have it and we'll be there to respond within 24 hours.




Raise Money is your guide to better, simpler, more human, more authentic and more fun ways to raise more money!

Nancy and Jenna have a combined 30 years of fundraising experience and raised over $70 million for the arts, education and environment.

Nancy founded an award-winning nonprofit and has served on numerous volunteer boards.

Jenna bought, ran and sold a drive-thru coffee shop in college and fell head-first into fundraising.

As Generous Change, Nancy and Jenna have coached hundreds of phenomenal, mission-driven humans - just like you - to raise much more money.


I'm a better fundraiser

When I entered the fundraising profession, I was intimidated. I felt like there were secrets that I didn't know and magic powers I didn't have. Jenna and Nancy have helped me realize I do have those magic powers; sincerity, curiosity and passion. They are masters at putting concepts into simple terms and practical applications. I'm a better fundraiser because of them.

Associate Director of Development

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