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Buy now with the early bird discount and you'll get access to the full course on July 1.


If you're a fundraiser, an executive director or a volunteer, we heart you and your determination to leave this world better than you found it.

We know that humans are insanely generous.

Americans give away more than one billion dollars a day. One BILLION dollars! So...

Money can make change.

You're here because you need to raise money, but you might feel like:

  • asking for money is creepy, dirty, scary, rude, awkward, embarrassing, hard (or all of the above)
  • you don't know where to start
  • donors don't respond to your emails
  • you hate cold-calling
  • you don't know how to ask
  • you keep having the same conversation over and over
  • you don't have enough donors
  • your board should be raising more money

 You are not alone. We can help.


We've written the manual on fundraising.

We've been to countless fundraising conferences and trainings, but we never left with specific tools we could actually use immediately to start raising more money.

We designed this course to help you:

  • get in the door with the right donors
  • know who to call first...and next
  • say and show how what you do matters
  • get your board involved in fundraising
  • feel confident with donors
  • create strong, sustainable connections with donors
  • raise more money
  • make more change

Early Bird Discount



This course answers the questions most asked by nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and volunteers in short, memorable videos you'll have access to for life.
Questions like:
  • How do I meet donors?

  • How do I talk to a friend or a stranger about giving?

  • How do I actually ask for money without feeling creepy?

  • Where do I find new donors?

  • How do I keep donors giving?

  • How do I write a proposal?

  • Do I need a fundraising plan?

  • How much time should I spend on fundraising? And what should I be doing?

  • Should I send an annual appeal? What should it say?

  • How do I get my board to fundraise?

Ready to raise more money? Buy now with the early bird discount and you'll get access to the full course on July 1.


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