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Fundraising has changed.
In-person visits are the exception not the rule. Don't wait to get back to normal. Invest in new skills. Arm your team to thrive in this virtual era of fundraising.


Strategic, actionable steps to propel your fundraising results. Get in the door. Move toward the right gift faster. Make every conversation purposeful. Thank meaningfully and memorably.


Made by fundraisers for fundraisers and road-tested by teams around the country. With 30+ years experience and more than $70M raised, we know the challenges you're facing right now and what will work for your team.

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This interactive online academy includes four live trainings on Zoom designed specifically to:

Power up your DISCOVERY.

Pipeline has never been more important, but virtual discovery requires new skills. Your team will learn a simple, effective formula for virtual discovery visits that they can deploy with confidence.


CULTIVATE digitally.

You can no longer rely on in-person visits and events to cultivate donors. We'll give your team the tools to bring real value to your donors, stay top of mind, and move purposefully toward a gift.

Tell magnetic STORIES.

In a world with so much need, universities must tell stories that illustrate transformation and impact. Learn a clear and simple structure to connect directly to donors’ hearts.

Make the ASK virtually.

You really can go from "Hello" to "Thank you for your gift" without ever meeting in-person. Learn how to set the stage before the ask, so your donor is comfortable and you are confident.

Plus, access to 13 short, funny, memorable video lessons to fortify the tactical skills every fundraiser needs to succeed. Topics include: 

  • An email formula that actually gets more responses
  • Phrases to turn the conversation to money without feeling creepy
  • A contact report that actually spotlights gift outcomes (not just the fluffy stuff)
  • A daily productivity habit to qualify 30 new major gift prospects every year

  • And SO much more!

And, downloadable worksheets and checklists to put lessons into practice immediately.



"We brought Generous Change to Ohio University at what was clearly the most trying, unique and unknown time in my professional career during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nancy and Jenna brought a meaningful, thoughtful, energetic, and most importantly, fun program that our staff immediately connected with. I believe offering Fundraisers' University helped give the entire team added motivation and a fresh perspective going into unprecedented circumstances. I have, and will continue to, recommend this program to any size organization looking for the perfect combination of new and proven methods to fundraise in today’s world."

President & CEO, The Ohio University Foundation

"When it became apparent in June that our fundraising teams would not be returning to campus or traveling for the unforeseeable future, we knew we needed to call on professionals who could help us not only navigate unfamiliar territory, but also show us how to make traditional methods new again. We were so fortunate to have found Generous Change! Jenna and Nancy are a dynamic and energetic training duo who incorporate robust data and share case studies to engage participants. They masterfully elicit participation and spark creativity and innovation in a warm, welcoming environment. Participating was easy, for each session began with a thought-provoking topic and concluded with specific actionable insights and a clear path to success. Even our staff who are sometimes skeptical about professional development were highly engaged and sent positive feedback after the sessions. In fact, one of our most seasoned fundraisers commented he wished he had their formula to success 15 years ago. With the help of Generous Change and the curriculum from Fundraiser’s University, our fundraising teams are already accomplishing amazing results in the virtual environment. FY 21 is off to a great start!"

Associate Vice Chancellor of Development, University of Arkansas

"Our mantra is "be brilliant at the basics" and the Generous Change training was spot on. Practical tips and tools to stay on track and on task with the daily practices that add up to big results. This training could not have come at a better time for our organization as we were moving to an all work from home environment during Covid-19. The training and discussion helped us focus on being nimble and flexible in how we traditionally thought about our work. We’re talking to more people than ever and moving the ball forward for our institution."

Vice President of Development, North Dakota State University Foundation

"In a time of such uncertainty and a shift to remote working, this was an opportunity for us to invest in our workforce. We were also making important budget decisions that included a reduction in professional development and travel. However, we found that the amount spent on Fundraisers’ University was very affordable when calculated across our entire development team. Given the new reality we are facing, it was an incredible return on investment. "

Vice President for Medical Development, KU Endowment

"Generous Change has created timely and relevant tools that served OU well in challenging times. Their videos are funny, informative, short (!) and memorable. And our team enjoyed the great opportunity to interact with other schools."

Assistant Vice President of Development, University of Oklahoma


Management Mastermind

As a profession, we promote the best fundraisers but don't train them to manage. We forget fundraising is autonomous and competitive, while management is a team sport.

Great managers retain top talent and inspire high performance. Invest in your fundraising managers and strengthen your entire organization.

Our 4-week online academy brings managers together in a facilitated forum to develop shared, consistent practices around a strong culture of trust, high productivity and radical ownership.

Academic Leaders' Training

In today's highly competitive fundraising environment, it is more important than ever to tell compelling stories that truly demonstrate transformation, make human impact palpable, and speak directly to the change each donor wants to make.

For most academic leaders, none of this is a natural instinct. Nor is approaching their development team as trusted consultants.

We bring academic leaders and their development partners together for a light-hearted, practical, and memorable half-day workshop to help academic leaders understand and speak to donor motivation and build trust between academic leaders and their development liaisons.

Strategic Teambuilding

Team morale is often an afterthought in fundraising. But it matters not just to fundraisers’ day-to-day experience of their work, but also to the very work they do.

Fundraisers who clearly understand their personal “why,” as well as the university’s, are more impassioned ambassadors and more dedicated producers.

This workshop is ideal for leadership transition, campaign preparation or wrap-up. We bring your entire advancement team together to foster trust, build radical responsibility, celebrate excellence, and facilitate creation of individual and group work plans to achieve ambitious goals.

Board Training

Asking friends – and relative strangers – for money is simply not easy, even when it’s for a terrific cause. Few volunteers are prepared for these conversations, or comfortable in them.

We come alongside boards to help them recognize their critical role in fundraising as champions, ambassadors and cheerleaders.

We facilitate discussion around their "why", examine donor motivation, uncover inspiring stories, explore how and when to make new university connections in everyday interactions and provide specific phrases to make those conversations easier and more authentic.


"Generous Change's major gift donor engagement and fundraising techniques help all major gift officers to be more successful - from the seasoned veteran to the person new to the profession. Our major gift officers implemented Generous Change's ideas with immediate results and we are incorporating the Generous Change techniques into our major gift officer on-boarding training and on-going refresher training. We know our cold call visit success rate is improving and our major gift asks are more donor-centered and timely. "

Former Senior AVP of Philanthropy, Oklahoma State University Foundation

"From the moment I first met Nancy and Jenna I knew they were the right people to help us prepare for the final stretch of our comprehensive campaign. Their ability to listen to what an organization needs to create a workshop filled with practical, common-sense wisdom built upon years of successful fundraising experience is exceptional. The result was a successful interactive half-day workshop created to enhance the partnerships between our development staff and the university’s academic leadership. Generous Change has helped increase the capacity of our organization and my ability to lead a talented group of fundraisers."

Former Vice President, Wichita State University Foundation

"Nancy & Jenna were nothing short of brilliant in helping me develop a strategic fundraising vision for a College that has over 1000 faculty & staff and 16,000 students across almost 60 academic units. Just a little over one year into my tenure as dean, we accomplished a task that often takes deans 5 years to complete. I am 100% sure this would not have happened without the honest, precise, & thoughtfully delivered guidance I've come to now rely on from Nancy & Jenna."

Provost, University of Connecticut


  1. We take fundraising very seriously…ourselves, not so much. We believe learning should be fun and people remember better when they laugh.
  2. We provide new tools and helpful tweaks to existing practice, breaking the how of fundraising into small, memorable, incredibly do-able pieces. We have developed frameworks, formulas and simple habits that produce spectacular results.
  3. We constantly scan the horizon for emerging challenges and share adaptive solutions. We are nimble, agile, and proactive.
  4. We’ve been where you are – as a fundraiser, a dean liaison, a manager. We have 30 years of combined experience, have personally raised over $70 million, and have managed teams, boards, and volunteers.
  5. You are why we started Generous Change. We are obsessed with supporting your success.