Join us in San Diego January 25 & 26, 2024!


This is an opportunity of a lifetime! It's an absolute must for your career and your personal life.

Jenna, Baylor University


2 full days in San Diego on January 25 & 26, 2024 to:
  • Invest in yourself personally and professionally
  • Think big about where you are and what you want
  • Build a network of ambitious, driven women in development
  • Get inspired
  • Feed your future
  • Reignite your purpose



Build community before & after the retreat!

You'll get:

  • Deeper connections with like-minded, ambitious women in development BEFORE the retreat
  • 90-minute Zoom forums each week in January to tackle the toughest topics for women & work
  • A list of researched resources, including books, articles, studies, podcasts and TEDx talks, to prime big thinking and even bigger discussion.
  • A forum where your voice will be heard


January 25 & 26: UPLIFT: The In-Person Retreat

2 full days in San Diego to think big, invest in yourself, build a network, curate your career, feed your future and reignite your purpose.



What can you expect in San Diego?

Check out this amazing video from UPLIFT 2022.


Want even more UPLIFT?

Add on UPLIFT: The Mastermind for $1300 to build community before and after The Retreat.

Make 2024 your year!

You'll build deeper connections with like-minded, ambitious women in development BEFORE the retreat.

You'll come together on Zoom each week in January to tackle the toughest topics for women & work in 2024.

You'll get a list of researched resources, including books, articles, studies, podcasts and TEDx talks, to prime big thinking and even bigger discussion.

You'll join a forum where your voice will be heard.

You can ask hard questions.

You can get advice from other women in development from across the country.

You can share your own knowledge with women who need it.

What is The Mastermind?

A forum for purposeful, rich dialogue and deep connection BEFORE and AFTER the Retreat.

You'll join 90-minute Zoom sessions on January 3, 10, 17 & 31 to explore tough topics critical to women & work in 2024.

Here's what to expect during each session:

  • Introductions to amazing women in development. You're building a network! You want to know who's who, so you'll always spend a little time getting to know one another.
  • A Big Topic. You'll get background and context for the topic of the day. Topics include:
    • Build Confidence:  Overcome Imposter Syndrome
    • Create Culture: Navigate Never-Ending Change
    • Manage Self vs. Manage Time
    • Persist: Stay Accountable (follow up on your 90-day action plan)
  • A Big Question or Two. You'll have purposeful time and space to think and write on your own.
  • Paired Discussion. You'll join a fellow Masterminder in a breakout room for a deeper discussion.
  • Group Discussion. You'll come back together as one Mega Mastermind to explore common threads, aha's and big takeaways.
  • Reflection Questions. You'll leave with a few more questions to help you unlock new ideas you can use in both your personal life and your work life.  

Invest in yourself. Build a network. Get inspired. Reignite your purpose.


Wow - it’s been a week since wrapping up at UPLIFT and I’m still riding the wave of enthusiasm that I caught while I was there. The pressure to always do more, more, more year after year can be overwhelming. I left UPLIFT feeling inspired and refreshed. I connected with women who filled my bucket professionally and personally, and who I will keep in touch with. Since returning, I find myself emailing and speaking with more confidence. I set boundaries and make quicker decisions instead of dwelling in indecision. I'm already recommending UPLIFT to anyone who will listen.

Alison, UC Davis

After 3 years of massive change, do you need a reset?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Are you looking for inspiration and connection to reignite your purpose both in your work life and home life?

Register for UPLIFT at Paradise Point in San Diego
on January 25th & 26th, 2024!

UPLIFT is an intimate, connection-creating retreat just for women building vibrant careers in development.

Come to San Diego for two days of closed-door, candid conversation to help ambitious women:

  • Connect with like-minded colleagues and find new mentors,
  • Identify concrete ways to achieve professional and personal goals,
  • Map a fantastic, satisfying career,
  • Craft a 90-day action plan to jump-start new levels of achievement.

This is not a conference to just sit and listen – this is two amazing days outside your busy day-to-day to think big, get creative, make ambitious plans, and talk it out with other women in the trenches.

Every hour brings new tactical tools and open table conversations. By Friday evening, every participant will have talked with, taught, and learned from one another.

Create a community of UPLIFT.



This is my dream conference! I have been really struggling with burnout and this was the retreat I needed to get that mind reset and be excited about my work and job again.

Tabatha, Idaho State University

Here's what you'll explore at UPLIFT:

Curate your career.

  • Where are you headed?
  • What do you need to get there?
  • What are all the obstacles in your way?
  • How to build vibrant networks.
  • How to ask for what you want.

Invest in yourself.

  • What are your superskills?
  • What are your limiting beliefs?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What does balance truly mean for you?
  • What’s in your way?
  • How & when to unplug.

Feed your future.

  • Where is your leverage?
  • What moves the needle most?
  • How will you prioritize yourself?
  • How & when to set boundaries.
  • Create a 90-day action plan for your most important goal(s).
  • How will you stay accountable?


Reignite your purpose.

  • What do you love about your work?
  • What gets in the way?
  • How do you have more powerful donor conversations?
  • Where do you want to grow?
  • Who can help? How? When?



UPLIFT will be held at Paradise Point in Mission Bay, San Diego. Book a room in our conference room block by calling 1-855-463-3361 and referencing the "UPLIFT: The Retreat for Women in Development" room block.

When should I arrive and leave?
We’ll begin at 9:00am on January 25 and end by 4:00pm on January 26, so fly in on the 24th and consider staying over on the 26th for an extra retreaty retreat. 😉

What’s included?
Breakfast and lunch are included both days and join us for a super-fun cocktail reception on January 25.

How do I get there?
It’s easy-peasy to get to Paradise Point from San Diego International Airport! Just a 10 minute Uber/Lyft ride for $20-30, so you won’t need to rent a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

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UPLIFT Creators & Facilitators

Nancy Jackson and Jenna Goodman

Nancy and Jenna have a combined 35+ years of experience as fundraisers and fundraising leaders in higher ed advancement. They founded Generous Change in 2017, to give fundraisers, fundraising managers and academic leaders tactical skills and actionable tools to get in more doors, have powerful conversations with donors and show up authentically and unapologetically, with purpose and conviction, to raise more money and change the world.

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