Jul 28, 2017

As I type, my dog, Millie, has her head in my lap.

She nudges my elbow every few seconds to get a few pets and looks up at me, ready at any second to GO OUTSIDE!

Everyone believes their dog is the smartest and cutest. I'm no different.

Millie (and every awesome dog) can teach us a thing or two about raising money, so we're launching a new blog series, Lessons from Millie.

LESSON 1: From Energy to Grit

Millie is an Energizer Bunny.

She's ready, at a moment's notice, to run - whether it's for work (chasing birds) or play (chasing birds).

Raising money requires Millie-sized energy!

Think about all of the verbs in your job:

  • raise money
  • get the visit
  • get out the door
  • travel
  • cold call donors
  • email donors
  • qualify
  • identify
  • cultivate
  • solicit
  • steward
  • write proposals
  • enter contact reports
  • manage relationships
  • manage your portfolio
  • manage volunteers
  • partner with directors/deans
  • raise more money

Whew! I'm exhausted from typing this list and I know you could add at least 10 more things to it....

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