Discovery: Don't put it off - it matters now more than ever!

Nov 05, 2020

If you don’t start a terrific conversation now, another nonprofit will. And when that donor is ready to give, it won’t be you they think of.

Put simply, the #1 way to ensure your university’s success and your future success as a fundraiser is to stay ambitious and consistent with discovery now.

Discovery is arguably the hardest part of fundraising. It means, by definition, that you are calling someone you don’t know. For most of us – even seasoned fundraisers – cold calling is consistently nerve-wracking, sweat-inducing, and just plain awkward.

Why is discovery so uncomfortable?

Fear. Fear of intruding, of offending, of making someone angry, of rambling or sounding stupid, of getting hung up on, or even being yelled at.

How can you conquer that fear?

Make discovery a habit. Like every other fear - the more you do it, the less scary it is. Make dependable time for this work and put it on your calendar. Even three focused hours a week will yield...

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