What do you get as a Fundraisers' Monthly member?

  • Immediate access to an entire library full of tips, tools & advice - your own personal professional development.
  • Videos, scripts, checklists & downloads with specific tools you can use right away. Like:
    • How to write an email to get in the door
    • Phrases to turn the conversation to money
    • What to learn in every visit to get to the ask faster
    • Scripts to start authentic fundraising relationships (not friendraising)
    • Tips for translating your organization's goals to a cause donors will care about
    • Steps to write a killer proposal
    • And so much more. Because every month has new content created just. for. you.

Office Hours! A live Q&A with Nancy & Jenna every second Tuesday of the month. You can ask advice, learn and talk with awesome fundraisers from around the country.

Plus, if you're a Monthly Plus or Annual member, you get a one-on-one strategy session call! Make the call whenever you're ready for tailored advice from Nancy or Jenna. Members have used their coaching call to get:

  • Portfolio Advice - how to organize your donors, decide where to start and maximize your time in front of the right donors
  • Donor Strategy - how to get a response, move the conversation, ask for a seven-figure gift, respond to a "no" or troubleshoot a tough donor dilemma
  • Managing Up - how to talk to, understand, deal with or just have better meetings with your boss
  • Making A Case - know what to ask for, how to talk about it, write about it and ask for it
  • Career Advice - how to advance as a fundraiser, how to manage a team, when to move on and what to look for in a nonprofit

If you're a Monthly Plus or Annual member, you'll also get review of one of your most important fundraising pieces: a proposal, an email, an appeal letter, a job description, a performance review or a case statement.

And - most importantly - you'll gain the confidence to ask without fear and raise more money.

Wishing you so much success,

Jenna & Nancy