Getting the visit. Tip #2. Connect vs. Convince.

If you wish more donors would respond to your emails, we are here for you!

This is tip #2 to write an email to get more visits.
If you missed the first tip - Look for the Hook - you can find it here.

Think about this when you write your next email:

Connect vs. Convince: It can be so easy to fall into the trap of including links, facts, figures and stats in the hope of educating someone into meeting with you.

But, what are the chances someone will actually click on those links?

Will they actually read an attached one-pager or brochure?

If they do click on a link, will they come back to your email and actually respond?

For years, as a higher-ed fundraiser, I wrote email novels.

I included quotes from faculty, links to student stories and bulleted "fun facts" about new programs.

I labored over those emails. The results? 1 visit for every 10 emails.

When I finally realized, I would never respond to one of my own damn emails - why would anyone else?

I refocused with the goal to make a human connection.

The result? 1 visit for every 3 emails. Seriously. It works!

How do you make a human connection in your emails? Be curious.

Start by asking to learn more about them.

This is where "the hook" comes in. Try questions like:

  • I'd love to know how you went from a Philosophy major to a hedge fund manager?
  • Your LinkedIn article on management was fantastic! I'd love to learn how your time here at the university shaped your career.
  • You've made such a difference for the arts in your community. I'd love to learn more about what motivates you to give so generously.
  • Your volunteerism is inspiring! I'd love to know what motivates you to give so much to your community.

Focus your email on them instead of you or your org.

Think about what would motivate you to respond to a stranger's email.

This?...Did you know we have a new women's leadership program which includes 30 young women from colleges and high schools in more than 15 counties across Kansas? If you are interested, you can learn more here or I could share more in person if you have time to meet next week?

Or this?...Did you always want to be a fundraiser? I'd love to learn more about your journey from an English major to a successful development director. Could I swing by your office for 20 minutes next Tuesday?

Tip #2 Recap:

Be curious.

Don't convince with facts and figures.

Ask questions that make a human connection.

You will get more visits and raise more money.

Wishing you so much success,