Friday Inspirations, Episode 5 :)

coaching friday inspirations generous leadership marie forleo nonprofit simon sinek the coaching habit Feb 16, 2018

Happy Friday, Generous Changers!

This week we've been so inspired by the amazing nonprofit leaders in our Fundraisers' University and Fundraisers' Monthly. These hard-working humans exemplify servant leadership and remind us that we learn so much more - in every single interaction - when we ask great questions.

Quote we're digging: 

"What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question." -Jonas Salk

We're watching: Simon Sinek talking about leadership on Marie TV.  This is seriously good stuff. Heart of the matter: those with leadership roles are responsible for their people (more than "production"). If leadership is at all an obsession for you, as it is for us, give it a watch.

Bonus takeaway: just seeing a generous act provides a jolt of oxytocin, a happy hormone!

We're reading: The Coaching Habit. We cannot refer people to this book too much. The subtitle says it all: "Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever." Its deceptively simple advice is incredibly powerful. The heart of it:

  • Start your management conversations with "What's on Your Mind."
  • Follow with "And what else?"
  • And then "What's the real challenge here for you?"

Coaching, this book reminds us, is very little about telling someone what to do and much more about helping them discover their own drive, talents, direction.

Jenna is listening to When In Rome, The Promise. From 1988, it starts with some sweet keyboards and synth drums. Why When In Rome? She woke up at 2AM to write down podcast ideas and that song was singing itself in her brain. (And then she sang it to me the rest of the day. And now perhaps your brain will sing it to you. You're welcome!)

Happy weekend, world changers!

- Nancy