What do you need as a fundraiser? We want to know!

If you raise money – for a living or as a volunteer for a cause you love – please let us know your challenges, what tools could help?

Is your challenge “making the ask?” Or turning a conversation to money? Starting a conversation with a cold call? Or just knowing who to call?

When we started, none of this seemed obvious – there was no manual and our early jobs provided no training.

In snowy Chicago at a recent CASE conference, we realized we were not alone: everyone is struggling with this!

In a room of 200 professional fundraisers, only three had received any formal training. Holy cow! After our presentation, dozens of people contacted us to get a simple productivity tool.

And that's why we decided to create Fundraiser's Monthly as a resource – that will grow to be a giant resource! – for all you mission-driven fundraisers out there.

If you need a mentor, we’re offering! If you need a peer to test ideas, we’re here. If you just need a safe space to ask "stupid" questions, it's here! If you need specific things to do each day, ways to manage your time, phrases to deploy that actually move potential donors along that mystical “donor continuum,” we’ve got ‘em.

Jenna and I have raised tens of millions of dollars for causes we love and we manage terrific, successful fundraisers. It’s time for us to give back to this profession we love.

In the first month of Fundraiser's Monthly, we start with the tool we’ve found new fundraisers need most: how to get that critical first visit.

But maybe you need something else? Tell us! Write it in the comments below and we’ll make it!

Join us on this journey. Let’s raise lots of money and change the world together!!