Education Is Generous Change

Uncategorized May 18, 2018

We're watching Malala Yousafzai on David Letterman's new Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Malala, now in her first year at Oxford, reminds us that education is independence, identity, equality and a basic human right.

When Dave asked about forgiveness and meaning, Malala said, "I saw death so close and I realized that maybe this life is for a purpose. I decided that I would give this life to girls' education and speak out for them. We have to die one day. Why not do good and do as much as we can to help others?"

The Malala Fund's mission is to help the 130 million girls in the world who are out of school to learn and lead without fear.

The Fund's powerful message gives us goosebumps:

If one girl with an education can change the world, what can 130 million do?

We also love this Stephen Colbert video for another peek at the lighter side of Malala.

We are in awe of the late Sylvia Bloom, who, in her will, left more than $8 million to support scholarships for low-income students through New York's Henry Street Settlement. During her 67 years as a legal secretary for the same law firm, Sylvia wisely invested her money and quietly earned more than $9 million over her lifetime. After her passing at age 96, friends and family were blown away by her fortune and her generosity.

Sylvia reminds us of Michelle Obama's emotional final speech as First Lady recognizing 2017 School Counselor of the Year, Terri Tchorzynski. Michelle said, "I want our young people to know that they matter. That they belong. So don’t be afraid. Do you hear me? Young people, don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education. Then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. Lead by example with hope, never fear, and know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life.”

We're listening to our very own podcast - Episode 6: Social Media Marketing World 2018! Listen for our top 10 lessons from this inspiring conference. A favorite from Guy Kawasaki: Don't worry be crappy. Your first attempt at anything - a grant proposal, blog post, product launch, book chapter, YouTube video or poached egg - might not be perfect. That's ok. Done is better than perfect. Get it out there. Ask for honest feedback. Learn. Grow. Make it better. Do it again and again and again. Never give up.

Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it; boldness has beauty, magic and power in it. - Goethe

Get out there and make some generous change.

Wishing you so much success,

Jenna & Nancy