Friday Inspirations, Episode 6 :)

Feb 23, 2018

Happy Friday, Generous Changer!! 

Finding inspiration absolutely everywhere this week. Lots and lots of it! (Read to the end for links to cool tools!)

Quote we're loving: 

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."  - Oscar Wilde

We're reading: Bill and Melinda Gates' Annual Letter 2018. (There's a teaser version on LinkedIn, where I first saw it.) I am pretty fan-girly about these two - they take their philanthropy very seriously. But my favorite part of this letter is the personal bit at the end: 

"Maybe 20 years ago, we could have made a different choice about what to do with our wealth. But now it’s impossible to imagine. If we’d decided to live a different life then, we wouldn’t be us now. This is who we chose to be."

A great reminder that giving means a lot to generous people - it can be deeply defining. Which makes our role as connectors to causes honorable, enviable, lucky.

We're viewing: the Picasso show at the Nelson-Atkins...

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