Wine Wednesday in Strange Times

Mar 18, 2020

It is Wine Wednesday. This is an old picture. Jenna and I will be doing a virtual "Cheers" today - to each other and to you.

Because, like most of the United States, we're doing our part and staying home.

Thank you to every one of you who has sent me inspiration these last few days. I have loved every bit of it and wanted to share a little of my own.

If you're home and adjusting to a new schedule - could use a smile, some motivation - check this stuff out. :)

This is an incredibly moving - and to me, quite surprising - film.

Its focus is the unlikely relationship forged between the current pope and his predecessor.

In a particularly affecting scene, each hears the other's confession - the foibles and regrets of both humanizing their singular office.

At its core, this movie is about change. It celebrates the possibility that both people and age-old institutions truly can change for the very much better. 


From the sublime to the ridiculous, but staying on theme, I read this goofy fable yesterday and found myself thinking, "we should all read this right now." (Your public library might let you listen for free...)

It's the story of two humans - Hem and Haw - and two mice - Sniff and Scurry - in a maze sprinkled with cheese stations.

When the cheese gets moved, the mice get on after it, looking for new cheese. The humans, attached to their old habits and desires, not so much.

Haw is our main character, finally venturing out of his beloved Cheese Station C to learn some cool things about himself and new cheese. :)

Goofy as it is, this short book is a poignant reminder that our big brains like things how they are, but we need to shift it up sometimes. Like, maybe, now.

Many of you are already grounded - many more soon will be.

As a fundraiser, you are gonna need to pick up the phone more - not just to text or check social, but also to call and talk to humans.

Use this time to stay connected. Call your best donors. If you want more specific tips on what to say, read this LinkedIn article I recently published.

The highlights:

  • Share your care - listen. 
  • If your organization is doing something amazing to take care of people through this crisis, tell that story and share your pride and determination.
  • If your donor wants to talk about COVID 19, consider sharing personal actions you're taking to stay healthy and ask what they're doing.

Pandemic can make us feel powerless - give a little power back by focusing on the control we do have, and by focusing on supporting each other.

Can we control our immunity? This guy certainly thinks so!

I am not a particular fan of Gwyneth Paltrow or Goop, but this episode of her Netflix series is pretty amazing.

It focuses on Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete who holds records for running barefoot in ice and snow and who, when injected with bacterial endotoxin, did not get sick (nor did the people he trained). 

He claims we can all dramatically boost immunity - and reduce anxiety - with deep breathing, cold exposure, and unshakable commitment.

Yes, I watched his free video class. I'm pretty convinced, to be honest, but haven't started the cold showers...yet!

We normal people can at least do the obvious stuff, right? Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, do some moderate exercise, get plenty of sleep, wash our hands like maniacs (seriously, count to 20 - it's a nice little meditation), and stop touching our faces (easier said than done, holy moly!). 

Wishing you health and sanity in a world gone mad. We at Generous Change totally heart you. 

Would love to know how what you're doing, how you're faring, whether you're engaging in some generous change. Let us know in the comments?