What's your plan?

planning Feb 07, 2020

Do you love to plan?

Or, like me, do you feel a little claustrophobic when you have too many things on your calendar?

Do you feel like a failure when too many checklists go unchecked? 

Does it feel like your plans are too big and overwhelming?

Or are you just eking out daily tasks without the big picture in mind?

You are not alone! I've been in every single one of these places.

Which is why Nancy and I spent much of January in planning mode.

For the first time in a really long time, I feel like I've created a plan for my own work and my own life that I'll actually achieve.

3 reasons why this plan feels doable:

  1. Two new tools - This planner by Ink+Volt. With sections for weekly goals, reflection & celebration and writing prompts like: "Done is better than perfect. If you never finish, your work never sees the light of day. What can you push ahead on this week? Where is "good enough" better than perfection?", this is not your ordinary planner. Doing these exercises at the end of the day on Friday or over a glass of wine on Sunday night, sets me up for a productive, intentional week. The other tool is The Desire Mapour last podcast episode was dedicated entirely to this amazing book. It's all about exploring and deciding on the feelings you want to have in your life, your work, and your relationships, then setting your goals around those feelings. As a recovering emotion suppressor, this book was tough and totally worth it. Try one or both of these right now if you're ready to set some meaningful, achievable goals?
  2. UPLIFT - yes, this is a shameless plug! But UPLIFT is a massive motivator - something I feel lucky to do, pulled toward and crazy excited to plan. Women across the country are excited about it, too! We've got ladies in development from Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Colorado and Kansas, coming together in Miami in June to have elevated, closed-door conversations, think big and, yes, make plans! Not everything on my calendar is like UPLIFT. There are plenty of tasks I'd rather not do. So, having this one big magical aspiration (on the beach in Miami!) feels luxurious. Get yourself registered while the EarlyBird rate is still on!
  3. Our new amazing teammate, Kelsey...

This woman is thoughtful, patient, generous, analytical, organized, fun, soulful, gentle...I could go on...but I know she's blushing. Having a thought partner - a yin for your yang - a peanut butter for your jelly - is magical. She's unlocked new possibilities for a big ol' grown-up Generous Change! (Not too grown up, though...) Can you find an accountability buddy or a partner in crime to help you stay on track and, most importantly, celebrate along the way?

What are books, tools & tips you love that have helped you achieve (or at least get closer to) your goals? Share in the comments below!!