Three Tips for Getting More Done in Less Time...So You Can Enjoy Your Summer

amy porterfield essentialism generous change podcast productivity the one thing Jul 06, 2018

It's summer and the livin' is easy...except we still have to work!

If, like us, you want to squeeze every bit of joy and awesomeness out of both work and play, we commend to you the following hacks.

1. Thunderbolt from the blue (okay, actually, via the Amy Porterfield podcast, from Brooke Castillo): 

Don't sit down to "work." Sit down to produce. Give yourself (way) less time than usual and settle for imperfect, but Get. It. Done.

This is so huge! How many days do you "work" so hard, only to realize you haven't actually accomplished anything on your impressive to-do list? 

Pro-tip: Take your top priority and give yourself two hours to accomplish an actual, tangible result (you got the appointment! you drafted the proposal! you planned the trip!).

We can hardly say how amazing this is. You feel free and in charge of your work at the same time. You get more done in less time and get to go have some fun already. Give it a shot!!

2. Very much connected to #1, Don't do what doesn't matter. Seriously. How many times have you cleared your desk, file cabinet, in-box and realized that a lot of that stuff you were avoiding now can't be done and really didn't matter anyway? (Think of all the things you have  done - Facebook, anyone? - when you could have been laughing with a friend, cavorting with your kids, or climbing some gigantic mountain!)

For inspiration, check out Greg McKeown's excellent Essentialism or Gary Keller's The ONE Thing. Take an hour right now, today, to brain-dump everything weighing on you - all those pesky to-do's - and eliminate every single one that doesn't really matter. Then take tip #1 to tackle the ones that do. Et, voila! You are kickin' booty and have time to kick up your heels with the ones you love.

 3. Find one true thing you love about your job. Summer tends to be a little slower...and sometimes, slow can feel sluggish. In those moments when you're just not feeling your job - or your boss, or your annoying colleague - reconnect to what you love. The difference you're making. The life you're changing. For a little jolt of creativity, check out Episode 8 of the Generous Change podcast.

Get out there and celebrate your awesome self.