6 Secrets to Contagious Content

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2018

If you've been watching the NBA Finals, you've seen Uber's new Moving Forward campaign or Mountain Dew's Kickstart...um, drink? soda? I never know what to call Mountain Dew.

Just like Uber and the Dew, nonprofits need to boost awareness. How do you spread the word without an NBA Finals-sized ad budget? Read Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Wharton marketing professor, Jonah Berger. Berger reveals six key principles (STEPPS) to help you craft contagious content:

  • Social Currency - We share things that make us look good.
    • How do you make the donor the hero of your story?
  • Triggers - Top of mind, tip of tongue.
    • What cues make people think of your org, the problem you're solving or the change you make?
  • Emotion - When we care, we share.
    • Donors give from the heart. Focus on feelings.

  • Public - Built to show, built to grow.
    • Show, don't tell. Use more video, photos & testimonials to truly demonstrate change.
  • Practical Value - News you can use.
    • How can you highlight your knowledge into bite-sized, useful info that others will want to share?
  • Stories - Information travels under the guise of idle chatter.

If you're preparing for a public talk, a board meeting, an interview or an important donor meeting, watch Amy Cuddy's TED talk on body language. Just 2 minutes a day in a power pose can boost your confidence, your presence and your enthusiasm.

Speaking of great stories full of emotion - Amy's starts at 15:50.

After a six and a half hour road trip to and from the Little Red River in Arkansas, I'm obsessed with the podcast Ear Hustle. These stories from inside San Quentin State Prison are tragic, heartwarming, confusing, mind-blowing, funny and otherworldly. Episode 17: The Row features three men on death row. I'm blown away by their determination to live with purpose, meaning and connection.

Which brings us to this Mark Twain quote:

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Wishing you so much success,

Jenna & Nancy