Friday Inspirations, Episode 3 :)

case martin leifeld Feb 02, 2018

Happy Friday, Generous Changers!

We're just back from CASE VI, where we got all jazzed up about our work and yours. Advancement peeps are awesome! Thank you, thank you for all you do!

Quote we're digging: 

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."                                                                           - Theodore Roosevelt (and others!)

We're inspired by: Martin Leifeld, Vice Chancellor for Advancement at the University of Missouri, St Louis. Martin has spent a career truly seeking to lift others up. He sees advancement work as "ennobling souls...bringing wonderful people into life as philanthropists." When we asked the secret to good management, he started with authenticity ("let people know who you are") and trust ("you have to fully delegate") and then gave this useful reminder: "Affirm 90% of the time; direct/correct 10% of the time." Also, "You've got to give yourself - give proportionally to what you're asking others to do." His book, Five Minutes with Martin, will be out in a few months. We predict it will be well worth the read. Thank you, Martin, for hanging out with us! It was a huge treat.

We're reading: Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success is (Mostly) Wrong. OMG - I love this book! Conversational, often funny, totally engrossing, this book is full of data and studies and stories that = the opposite of self-help. While still being helpful. One subtitle: "Be a Giver. Share your Twinkies." Random fun fact: "In 1997, US News and World Report did a survey asking people who was most likely to get into heaven when they died. Bill Clinton scored 52%, Michael Jordan got 65%, Mother Teresa received 79%. Who did people answering the survey feel was 87% likely to get into heaven? "Me." People thought they were the most likely to stroll through the pearly gates." More likely than Mother Teresa!! Are you going to heaven?? :)

We're watching: Molly's Game. Amazing dialogue, great acting, and a fascinating true story. What does fundraising have in common with running one of the most profitable poker games in the world? Not much, we hope. Except...

  • Understanding what how people want to feel as well as what they want to accomplish
  • Strategy
  • Bold courage
  • Undaunted perseverance

Just skip the rake....

Happy weekend, everyone! Go out there and have some fun,

- nancy