3 Things Every Fundraiser Wants

Jan 18, 2019

Just back from CASE District VI!

We met amazing fundraisers from universities and community colleges all across the country.

This conference was a huge reminder of 3 things every fundraiser wants to be successful.

  1. Partnership:
    • With your boss: Bosses have a huge impact on your work life. You stay because of them. You leave because of them. It can feel like your boss controls your destiny. In our session, How to Make Your Boss Love U, we talked through habits to take control of your own destiny - to measure the metrics that really matter to your success - to write visit reports that demonstrate your insane awesomeness.
    • With your donors: You help donors make real change. You have the skills to do ANYTHING, but you choose to raise money for a nonprofit. (P.S. You're insanely awesome!)
  2. Mentorship:
    • Fundraising can be isolated. No one sits next to you to tell you what you did right or wrong. You need advice from fundraisers who've walked in your shoes - who've been where you are. Conferences can be amazing for finding mentors! Get yourself to the next CASE conference or (if you're a lady), to our retreat for women in development, UPLIFT.
  3. Practical Tools - to get in the door, turn the conversation to money and get to the right gift faster.
    • This is why we started Fundraisers' Monthly! To give you an email formula to get in the door with the right donors. To give you specific phrases to turn the conversation to money (when your palms are sweaty and your heart's racing). To give you practical, step-by-step ways to move the conversation toward money in every single visit.

You've got this.

We're here to help.

Wishing you so much success,

Jenna & Nancy