'Tis the Season - 3 Ways to Thank Your Donor So They Remember It!

donor meaningful thanks memorable thanks thanks Nov 18, 2021

Do you send your donors holiday cards? That everybody signs with a sweet little note? Exactly like the cards they get from their dentist, accountant, and house cleaner?

Do something different this year!

Show your donors their gift in action. That’s what they want from you. That’s the warm fuzzy feeling they expect from their giving. Show them how they made exactly the difference that’s most important to them.

To do that…

  1. Show, don’t tell. Send a video or a photograph if you can. Give them goosebumps about the change that’s happened because they gave.

  2. If you can’t show, tell. Call and tell them a story about a person, place, or future that was changed by their giving. In an era of disconnection, your beautiful human voice matters!

  3. If you can’t tell, write. Send a testimonial – a quote from someone who was helped, or another donor, or a board member – describing in a visual way something amazing that happened because of this donor’s gift.

Holiday cards land in the trash and aren’t remembered afterward. (You know it’s true!)

But these thanks live in donors’ memories. They get to feel the impact they’ve made. They get to enjoy their giving all over again.

That’s what you want to give your donors this holiday season, right? Take a few minutes today and get creative.

p.s. 50% of donors who stop giving say it’s because they weren’t thanked. If you thank like this, that will never happen to you!