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We're talking to more people than ever and moving the ball forward for our institution.


Senior Vice President of Principal Gifts
North Dakota State University Foundation


The perfect combination of new and proven methods to fundraise in today's world.


President & CEO
The Ohio University Foundation


Specific actionable insights and a clear path to success.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Development
University of Arkansas


Fundraiser founded in 2017.

We’ve been in your shoes as higher ed fundraisers, fundraising managers, unit leaders, deans’ partners, campaign contributors, scholarship administrators, CASE presenters, mentors, and coaches. 

At Generous Change, you are our mission. 

We want you and your fundraisers to feel confident, strategic, inspired, challenged, and unapologetic about raising money. 

To accomplish this, we’ll bring laughter, infectious energy, empathy, practical advice, tactical tools, and expertise.

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What We Deliver

Practical, actionable steps for fundraisers at every level.

20-year veterans and 2-week-in fundraisers leave with new ways to consistently get in the door with more potential donors, have more confident, purposeful conversations, and make more strategic, ambitious asks.

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A transformative experience for our foundation.

Working with Generous Change has been a transformative experience for our foundation. The material delivered was not only immediately applicable but also injected a unique twist into fundraising fundamentals. The result was a remarkable increase in our donor response rates. Jenna's evident expertise in fundraising, coupled with her exceptional coaching and teaching abilities, provided us with tangible tools that will undoubtedly shape our future success!

Vice President of Development
University of South Dakota Foundation

The fastest response I have ever received from an initial email.

I used your Email Formula from today's Fundraisers' University training and within two hours I received what I can only say has been the fastest response I've received to date from an initial email. I am won over!

Director of Development
University of Dallas

Leadership skills specifically for fundraising managers.

Leading fundraisers while fundraising is hard! Managers get coached to become great coaches, learn a framework for giving clear, kind feedback, and take away practical advice to both empower their fundraisers and achieve their own fundraising success.


All of us joined looking to answer the same question: “How can I be the best manager for my team?” After the four sessions, I can confidently say that we were able to answer that question.

What I found so special about Management Mastermind was the camaraderie gained among fundraising peers across the country who are navigating very similar waters. All of us joined the program looking to answer the same question: “How can I be the best manager for my team?” After the four sessions, I can confidently say that we were able to answer that question. We learned the importance of creating a culture that encourages high productivity and radical ownership as well as practices to implement and retain “heck yes” employees.

Director of Development for Academic and Student Affairs
Oklahoma State University Foundation

Culture-building and change management for Advancement teams.

Culture doesn’t just happen to you. You build it every single day. Advancement team members decide together who they want to be, how they want to show up, and how they want their teammates to show up to create their own unique culture and manage inevitable change.

Thoughtful, skillful and inclusive approach to change management.

Our team has been tested and tackled significant adversity over the last year, but we have come out on the other side and are better, more productive, and enjoying an enriched culture thanks to Generous Change. We are grateful for their thoughtful, skillful and inclusive approach to change management.

Senior Associate Vice President for Medical Philanthropy and Alumni Relations
Virginia Commonwealth University

Actionable fundraising skills for academic leaders.

Campus partners learn to translate academic initiatives into impact. They understand and speak to donor motivation. They view development partners as trusted consultants.

Our Deans and University Leaders were so engaged, and I truly think Academic Leaders' Roundtable was the perfect launching point as we head into a campaign.

Interim Vice President of Development
New Mexico State University Foundation

Campaign preparation to help fundraisers strategically own your campaign.

Campaign shouldn’t happen to staff. They should own it. Fundraisers decide together what stories will demonstrate impact, where to find them, how to translate them to donors, and how to celebrate along the way.

Truly a game-changer!

Generous Change's Campaign Bootcamp was a fantastic experience. The insightful sessions and practical tools provided have equipped the Vanderbilt development team with the skills and inspiration needed to drive success in our fundraising efforts. Truly a game-changer!

Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer
Vanderbilt University

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