Episode 34 - Rethinking Reviews

EPISODE 34: Rethinking Reviews

On day 1037, our 3-person start-up is just 2 months away from being three years old. We're doing grown-up business things like an 8-month review for our fabulous COO, Kelsey. Despite Kelsey's dislike of reviews, we all recognized the power of this one for our company. After many of the scariest months in our lives and the life of this business, we spent hours discussing where we've been, where we are now and where we're going. If you despise reviews - giving them or getting them - try using any of these thought-provoking questions to make your next review motivating, fulfilling and energizing.

  • Proudest success so far?
  • Up to 3 ways you've grown? How? When? 
  • Where do you most want to grow in the next 6 months? How? Why? 
  • Biggest surprise (other than the obvious pandemic)? 
  • Toughest challenge? Why? How you will/want to overcome it? 
  • One thing you just plain dislike? Why? How could it be better? 
  • Biggest fear? When does it most often pop up? What helps to allay that fear? 
  • Your most favorite-ist thing/moment in the past 7 months? Why? 
  • Up to 3 things you want to do more of? 
  • Do you have everything you need to perform your job? 
  • Do you feel the team is working well collaboratively? Any ways we could improve? 
  • What are the main drivers for success for our company? 
  • Where have we helped and hindered your work? 
  • In a perfect world, how much (and how) would we all a) communicate and b) work together creatively?
  • At least one thing that you want to see changed/different/more of/less of? Why? When? How? 
  • Given where we are today, what is your biggest/boldest vision for the company and your biggest/boldest vision for your role in that big, bold vision? 

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