EPISODE 21 - Love Your Meetings!

Episode 21: Love Your Meetings!

*Warning! Adult language in this episode.

On day 779 of entrepreneurship, we're not the brightest bulbs on the shelf. But we're exploring a topic that impacts so many of us - meetings! We've heard from so many of you that you're sick and tired of meetings. You're having too many. They're unproductive. They feel like a painful punishment that steals hours of your life and prevents you from getting your real work done. What if you could transform your meetings? Make them more meaningful, more productive and less frequent? We've got some tips!

For more, including a cool tool to use for weekly reporting (via email instead of a face-to-face meeting!) check out this blog post.

The goal: you might start to maybe, possibly, hopefully love your meetings (or at least stop dreading them so damn much)!

Great stuff mentioned in this episode:

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