Episode 5: Employee to Entrepreneur

*Explicit! A touch of adult language in this episode.*

On day 106 of entrepreneurship, we're (almost) recovered from the hangover of going from employees to entrepreneurs. Out of the fog of fear comes EXCITEMENT & INSPIRATION.

In this episode, we share tips from amazing bosses on how to be a better manager, better employee, better partner, better parent...just better!

Whether you're considering a new job, hiring a new employee or thinking of taking the leap into a new career, these tips will remind you what we're all striving for - at work and in life.

Big ideas:

*Participate like a 6-year old - speaker & author, John O'Leary, reminded us of how eager and excited we all were in the 1st grade. Raise your hand, yell out the answers, don't let self-consciousness keep you quiet.

*90% affirm / 10% direct & correct - this formula from fundraising leader, Martin Leifeld, is true in work and life. Spend most of your time encouraging and supporting your employees, spouse, kids and less of your time correcting them.

*WORK/LIFE BALANCE CHALLENGE!! - help us think of a better term for work/life balance, put it the comments on iTunes and we'll send you a Generous Change t-shirt (after we make them). [for more listen at 20:37]


  • When In Rome [5:46]
  • Life like a 6-year-old [7:40]
  • Something to discover [9:41]
  • Contagious enthusiasm [10:59]
  • Batteries included [13:10]
  • Nancy's numerous careers [18:04]
  • Work/Life Balance Challenge! [20:37]
  • 90% affirm / 10% direct or correct: [22:09]
  • Active-constructive responding: [26:34]
  • Boss vs. Coach: [28:11]
  • Who Buffet hires: [29:57]
  • The average of the 5 people you surround yourself with: [32:06]
  • Broken promise: [38:54]

Inspiring humans & books mentioned in this episode:

When In Rome (the band)

John O'Leary

Warren Buffet (this HBO documentary is phenomenal)

The Coaching Habit

Martin Leifeld

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