Episode 2: Perfection is the Enemy of Done

*Explicit! A teeny bit of adult language in this episode.*

Are you a perfectionist? A procrastinator? On day 36 of entrepreneurship, we explore the dangers of perfectionism, the woes of chronic procrastination and inspiration to just get shit done.

Big ideas:

*Perfection - Perfect is not relatable, but we still strive for it - to be the smartest, most authoritative, polished, complete, balanced, successful. (I could go on...) We can overtweak, overedit and overanalyze everything, which keeps us from doing anything. Stop procrastinating for perfection - get one imperfect thing out into the world and you'll learn, grow and be more successful.

*Timing. There's never a perfect time to change. It hurts (ie: growing pains) and can lead to crying in public, throwing your phone in a Target parking lot or sitting in a dark room for days. Don't wait for the "perfect" time. 

*Mourn Closed Chapters. We cried like babies for days when we quit our jobs. Change IS hard. Don't expect to "get over it" right away. Give yourself some time to recover. Start a journal (or, let's say, a podcast) to track how you're feeling, what you're learning and how much you're growing ('cause you will!).

*Your Person Suit - So much in life keeps us small, in-check, tame and under control. It feels like putting on a "person suit." Today, I am professional person! Think about those times you've felt like you - really you. Get more of that in your life and you'll stop worrying about perfection.


  • Get it out there. [6:07]
  • Public shaming. [6:53]
  • 20% creating content. 80% marketing. [7:45]
  • Create an investor pitch - even if you don't have an investor. [9:17]
  • Lorne Michaels's wisdom. [10:30]
  • Our biggest procrastination (quitting our jobs). [11:45]
  • Is there a perfect time to make any big leap? [13:30]
  • Mourning. [14:55]
  • Face the fear and do it anyway. [17:48]
  • Take off your person suit and be human. [18:46]
  • Is "just you" good enough? [20:11]
  • If you can't be vulnerable, you can't be known. [22:06]
  • What the hell are we doing today? [23:30]

Amazing, inspiring humans and books mentioned in this episode:

Tina Fey - Bossypants

Jen Sincero - You Are A Badass

Richard Branson - The Virgin Way

Brene Brown

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