EPISODE 17 - Your Voice

Episode 17: Your Voice

*Warning! Adult language in this episode.

On day 602 of entrepreneurship we want to hear your voice! Do you hate the sound of your own voice? Are you the one who sits in the back of the room hoping you won't be called on? Do you keep quiet to avoid conflict? We see you and we're exploring how to speak up and take a stand.

We believe:

  • You stand for something. If you're like us, you've stayed quiet too often. You've kept your great ideas under wraps because you thought they wouldn't be valued. You've stopped yourself from speaking up in a meeting because you didn't want to be pushy, bitchy or challenging. You've dimmed your light to let someone (everyone) else shine. No more! Stand up. Stand out. Speak up.


  • A full 180 (or 360 if you're Jenna) [7:02]
  • "You've got your looks, your pretty face..." [11:37]
  • The #1 fear [13:10]
  • Introversion? [16:06]
  • Careers that bring out the extrovert [16:33]
  • Nancy meets Mike Huckabee & the Oakridge Boys [20:46]
  • We choose not to make someone else uncomfortable [25:33]
  • Taking a stand - even within your own tribe [27:43]
  • Talking it out helps you test where you stand [31:00]
  • Being vegan [31:46]
  • Assuming vs. asking [35:44]
  • The line between manipulation & taking care of people's feelings [39:11]
  • How do you stay true to who you are in the workplace? [41:29]

Mentioned in this episode:

Trillion Dollar Coach

Adam Grant

Your Story is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice

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