EPISODE 15 - Traveling For Work (While Loving Humans & Pets & Your Life)

Episode 15: Traveling for Work (While Loving Humans & Pets & Your Life)

*Explicit! Adult language in this episode.*

On day 545 of entrepreneurship, we're exploring travel for work. If you travel for work, you know it includes both magic and mundane, retreat and regret, love and loathing.

What are your best travel tips?

What's your routine?

What are your struggles?

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What we know for sure:

  • It's not glamorous. But it can be fun. Travel for work is a mixed bag of emotions, you miss things, forget things, get to be alone, feel guilty about being alone, you get to see new things and feel guilty about seeing new things, you meet new people and you see the worst of people (mostly in airports).


  • You can be all the way you [2:13]
  • Routine-killer [4:17]
  • Scarcity of time [5:58]
  • We're so sorry for our fellow traveling introverts [8:34]
  • Ladies, did you pack & unpack or keep 2 of everything? [10:18]
  • Check or carry on? [12:28]
  • [13:07]
  • Your own room [17:02]
  • Airports - ew. [18:39]
  • Hotel rooms - ew. [19:54]
  • Good things... [22:14]
  • Seeing new places through people who live there [22:51]
  • Do something special on every trip [24:20]
  • Take family with you [25:12]
  • It's special & fancy [26:34]
  • Meeting new, generous humans [28:07]

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Mentioned in this episode:

Yo La Tengo - best band

Rain on Tent - best white noise

Southwest - best, easiest airline

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