Episode 10: ICONIC & UPLIFT

*Explicit! Adult language in this episode.*

On day 384 entrepreneurship, we're exploring the beauty & benefits of conferences. We've attended a gazillion in this first year, but we're focusing on a truly transformative retreat: Ali Brown's Iconic. We're also leading our own retreat for women in development: UPLIFT!

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Big ideas:

* Your brain needs a retreat - get yourself to a conference! The best of them allow your mind to expand, your creativity to bloom & your body to relax in a glorious place.

* How can you get out of "customarily"? - put yourself in a room with high-achievers, big-thinkers & growth-seekers. Be around people who bring you massive energy. Make your own energy & ideas contagious.

* How can you own your space? - Be provocative. Make bold statements. Be unapologetically authentic. Repel those who aren't your people. Attract the ones who are.


  • Conference ho's [1:47]
  • An interview with Miss Jackson [3:27]
  • A win? [11:00]
  • Biggest outcome - BFD [12:26]
  • Mindset (without an eyeroll) [14:40]
  • Beyonce-esque [16:17]
  • We all have iconic work [17:06]
  • Playing small [18:12]
  • Elevated conversations [20:21]
  • Big F'n Deal statement [23:17]
  • Where are you untouchable?[24:19]
  • Fundraising doesn't lend itself to strong opinions [25:14]
  • Fear of outshining [26:37]
  • Claudia Chan [28:58]
  • Who brings you energy? [30:54]
  • How's your relationship to power? [36:04]
  • "Sacred selfishness" [37:34]
  • Entrepreneurs! How do you price yourself higher? [38:50]
  • Your schedule is less about what you want to get done & more about who you want to become - Claudia Chan [42:31]
  • Time & money don't have to equal guilt [44:00]
  • Uplift! Our retreat for women in development. [47:19]

Fabulous humans mentioned in this episode:

Ali Brown - Glambition Radio


Ali Brown's interview w/Petra Kolber

Claudia Chan

Ali Brown's interview w/Eleanor Beaton

Ali Brown's interview w/Amanda Tress

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