EPISODE 16 - Girl Power!!!!!

Episode 16: Girl Power!!!!!

*Warning! Adult language in this episode.

On day 588 of entrepreneurship, we're celebrating GIRL POWER! We just hosted the inaugural UPLIFT, a 2-day retreat for women in fundraising in Phoenix. Those ladies blew us away and we are still reeling from the connection, honesty and bad-assery in the room.

We believe:

  • It's time for a new workplace. Minimum compliance & maximum widget production are in the past. For innovation, collaboration and nimbleness, we must focus on building healthy teams, embrace the personal as integral to the professional & lift one another up. 
  • You decide what success looks like. Get rid of the shoulds. Ignore those flawless Instagram stories. Focus on what brings you joy. Define and redefine what success means to you - not to everyone else.
  • Show up for yourself. Hold workouts, massages, alone-time and girls' trips sacred. Give yourself space to think big. Give yourself permission to cry and to be pissed off. Be all-the-way you and you will find your tribe.


  • UPLIFT: balance between professional & personal [5:56]
  • You can't have a fulfilling life if things are shitty at work. [8:00]
  • Today, why are you here? [9:15]
  • Girls: mean, spiteful, jealous, cliquey? [11:00]
  • Nancy cried in public! [12:20]
  • Super-shy & oblivious [13:13]
  • Painfully nerdy & the path out (sort of) [15:23]
  • A tribe of women [17:12]
  • Authentic connection [18:00]
  • Socialized collaboration [18:29]
  • Women can create a new workplace [19:01]
  • The culture of fundraising [20:21]
  • Head down. Do the work. Happy bubble. [21:41]
  • How do you show up? [22:28]
  • Respected vs. liked [23:48]
  • Redefine success & power for you - not everyone else. [26:22]
  • Less multi-tasking! [32:16]
  • Their priority vs. your priority [33:18]
  • Discipline is freedom [35:17]
  • Show up for yourself [37:17]
  • You guys, we took a pole-dancing class! [38:51]
  • Emotion [41:13]
  • Jen Palmieri: "When you put it all out there, they can't hurt you." [44:00]
  • Perfectionism [45:11]
  • Vulnerability is the only way to find your tribe [47:39]
  • Dudes, hug a lady in your life. [50:16]

**Stay tuned for the next UPLIFT announcement!**

Is there a cool thing we should try in your town? Tell us where to go & what to do.: [email protected]

Mentioned in this episode:

Jen Palmieri - author of NYT #1 Best-seller, Dear Madam President (and keynote speaker of the very first UPLIFT)

Brene Brown - her Netflix special is so good!

McKinsey study: Women in the Workplace

Shawn Achor - author of Big Potential

HBR article - Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work

Teaze Dance & Fitness - OKC

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