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Raise Money

You need to raise money, but do you feel like:

  • asking for money is creepy, dirty, scary, rude, awkward, embarrassing, hard (or all of the above)?
  • you can’t imagine how to ask without offending someone?
  • there aren’t enough donors out there to support you?
  • you don't even know where to start?

You're not alone. We can help.

You work tirelessly to change the world every single day and you deserve some support – someone (two someones!) in your corner with straightforward advice, a hefty dose of nerdiness and new ideas to help you raise more money.

In Raise Money, you'll watch short, fun, memorable videos that tackle every important question you have about fundraising, like:

  • How do I meet donors?
  • How do I talk to a friend or a stranger about giving?
  • How do I actually ask for money without feeling creepy?
  • Where do I find new donors?
  • How do I keep donors giving?
  • How do I get gifts from corporations?
  • How do I get more grants from foundations?
  • Do I need a fundraising plan?
  • How much time should I spend on fundraising? And what should I be doing?

You’ll get even more support with:

  • A downloadable resource guide to reinforce each and every video lesson,
  • The 4 Generous Change Fundraising Fundamentals,
  • Reflection questions to help you implement new skills as you learn them and overcome obstacles,
  • Direct responses to your immediate questions and straightforward advice from the creators and founders – Jenna and Nancy!
  • Detailed examples of how and what to include in your Raise Money Fundraising Plan,
  • Simple, reusable frameworks to help you email, call and ask any donor,
  • Actionable challenges to build in accountability and help you put each bite-sized lesson into practice right away.

Join us! Register today for the knowledge, systems, and confidence to get out there and start raising more money for your world-changing work.