Courses, coaching & workshops to help you raise more money for your university.


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Fundraising is changing.

Face-to-face visits are not an option right now.

Your team is working remotely.

You're managing remotely.

Yet, you've still got big goals.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni depend on you, now more than ever.

How will you use this time to build and strengthen your team?

Don't become paralyzed.

Learn effective ways to stay in touch meaningfully and memorably with your best donors.

Don't lose focus.

Create detailed, actionable fundraising plans, so that when you can get back out the door, you're ready to hit the ground running.

Don't stop donor discovery.

Use the phone and write better emails to reach more new donors.


Is there a better time for online training?

Get started on June 3rd.

Join Fundraisers' University, a month-long guided online academy with live teaching and coaching for every single member of your team.

Your entire team will get:
  • Fundraising: The Manual the online course. Short, tactical how-to videos including:

    • An email formula that actually gets more responses
    • Tools to have more purposeful donor conversations
    • Phrases to help turn the conversation to money without feeling creepy
    • Cues to listen for in every donor conversation to get to the right gift faster
    • Ways to thank donors meaningfully & memorably
    • Tips to block & protect time for fundraising
  • Worksheets, Checklists, and Portfolio Plan to download and deploy immediately

  • Resource guide – including book reviews to keep energy up and get inspired


  • Live virtual trainings with Generous Change founders, Nancy & Jenna, to dig deeper and build on the videos. These trainings provide advanced skills to help each member of your team:

    • Create a powerful, actionable portfolio plan they can execute with confidence
    • Use the phone and great stories to deepen relationships when they’re not able to meet in-person
    • Manage their time to keep energy high, get more organized, and protect time for fundraising
    • Partner with academic leaders to hone messaging and connect confidently & substantively with donors
  • Group coaching sessions so your team can ask questions and get answers.

  • They'll learn not just from us, but from fundraisers across the country.

    • You are not alone! Universities around the country are dealing with so many of the same issues you are – their solutions will inspire your team and keep them motivated.



Need one-on-one coaching for your team?

Winning teams need winning coaches.

With a combined 30 years of higher-ed fundraising experience and over $70M raised, we've been in your shoes.

Strategic coaching is for:

  • Frontline fundraisers to set growth goals and craft tailored, actionable work plans.
  • Fundraising managers to improve accountability, make metrics motivating and fortify successful partnerships with academic leaders.
  • Advancement leaders to deploy teams to their strengths and create a vibrant culture that's hard to leave.
  • Academic leaders to connect confidently and substantively with donors, tell magnetic stories and strengthen partnerships with development staff.

When we're all back together...

Our in-person workshops are tactical, highly interactive and FUN.

These workshops are tailored to strengthen your team:

  • Fundraising: The Manual 

  • Management Mastermind

  • Academic Leaders' Roundtable

  • Storytelling: Translating the Academy

  • Campaign-Readiness Workshop

  • Strategic Teambuilding Retreat

  • Foundation Board Fundraising Retreat



You are why we started Generous Change.

To give you and your team the confidence to talk to anyone & the courage to ask tough questions with a generous heart.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we've raised more than $70M for arts, education and environment.

We've led workshops and coached fundraisers from universities across the country.

We're obsessed with helping you succeed.


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