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Get in the door.

Have powerful conversations.

Get to the ask faster.

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This interactive online academy includes 13 videos and 4 live sessions on Zoom to support your team's most critical challenges:


Get in the DOOR.

Get more email replies.

Make more and more effective cold calls.

Turn the conversation to money.

Have purposeful discovery calls that end with next steps.


Have POWERFUL conversations.

Ask great questions to uncover donors' interests.

Connect donors’ interests to your university.

Keep your best donors giving.

Attract more transformational gifts and illustrate impact.


Get to the ask FASTER.

Keep the conversation going in-between visits.

Learn a key component of the gift in every conversation.

Improve your close rate.

Cultivate strategically.


Make a plan to SUCCEED.

Qualify 30 new major gift donors each year.

Capture substantive conversations and gift strategies.

Manage your time and energy.



More Dynamic Workshops

Management Mastermind

As a profession, we promote the best fundraisers but don't train them to manage. We forget fundraising is autonomous and competitive, while management is a team sport.

Great managers retain top talent and inspire high performance. Invest in your fundraising managers and strengthen your entire organization.

Our 4-week online academy brings managers together in a facilitated forum to develop shared, consistent practices around a strong culture of trust, high productivity and radical ownership.

Academic Leaders' Training

In today's highly competitive fundraising environment, it is more important than ever to tell compelling stories that truly demonstrate transformation, make human impact palpable, and speak directly to the change each donor wants to make.

For most academic leaders, none of this is a natural instinct. Nor is approaching their development team as trusted consultants.

We bring academic leaders and their development partners together for a light-hearted, practical, and memorable half-day workshop to help academic leaders understand and speak to donor motivation and build trust between academic leaders and their development liaisons.

Campaign Bootcamp

Campaigns are exciting, transformative, and often daunting. As lofty goals are set, many team members feel anxious and uninformed. Staff can feel more like the campaign is happening to them rather than feeling integral to its success. 

Most shops get fantastic counsel on analytics, campaign-readiness and feasibility. But few receive hands-on, how-to help for frontline fundraisers that demystifies the campaign, makes it feel achievable and propels its day-to-day success.

We work with the front line to build confidence for stellar donor conversations, craft winning narratives, outline ambitious, achievable work plans and celebrate wins to feed their own sense of impact and meaning.



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