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"Professional development can be time consuming and expensive. Generous Change brings it straight to me in small doses at an affordable rate. Each short video created by Jenna and Nancy cuts through the fluff and gives me practical ideas to bring change to my career."

Nishant Makhijani
Assistant Director of Advancement, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"It can be a challenge to get donors to open our emails. The sample language from Nancy and Jenna works! The first time I tried it, I had a response from a formerly unresponsive donor in an hour. I was so excited, I had to text my husband about my small victory! I have since used this countless times!"

Teresa Gotthardt
Director of Development, Major Gifts, College of Arts & Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

"Fundraisers' Monthly is an easy, fun and fast way for fundraisers to brush up on ways to make a winning ask and feel confident doing it. Within just a few hours, I learned how to get better, more productive donor visits; how to let go of anxiety and be clear about fundraising intentions; how to craft exceptional proposals and thoughtful in-person asks; and how to do small daily tasks that add up to a stronger donor portfolio and more gifts coming in the door. With Nancy and Jenna on your side, you can't help but feel ready to get out there and get asking!"

Sarah Bishop
Interim Associate Director, Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas

How does Fundraisers' Monthly work?

It's your very own personal professional development delivered straight to you. You can watch, listen & learn at your own pace - at your office, in your car or in your living room.

You'll get immediate access to an entire library of existing videos & downloads full of strategies, tips, tools & advice.

You'll get new regular content - videos, scripts, checklists & downloads with specific tools you can use right away. Like:

  • How to write an email to get in the door
  • Phrases to turn the conversation to money
  • What to learn in every visit to get to the ask faster
  • Scripts to start authentic fundraising relationships (not friendraising)
  • Tips to translate your organization's goals to a cause donors will care about
  • Exercises to get your board involved in fundraising
  • Steps to write a killer proposal
  • And so much more. Because every month has new content created just for you

Office Hours! You can access a live Q&A with Nancy & Jenna every second Tuesday of the month. Ask advice, learn and talk with awesome fundraisers from around the country.

Plus, you'll get a one-on-one coaching call! Make the call whenever you're ready for tailored advice from Nancy or Jenna. Members have used their coaching call to get:

  • Portfolio Advice - how to organize your donors, decide where to start and maximize your time in front of the right donors
  • Donor Strategy - how to get a response, move the conversation, ask for a seven-figure gift, respond to a "no" or troubleshoot a tough donor dilemma
  • Managing Up - how to talk to, understand, deal with or just have better meetings with your boss, dean or director
  • Making A Case - know what to ask for, how to talk about it, write about it and ask for it
  • Career Advice - how to advance as a fundraiser, how to manage a team, when to move on and what to look for in a nonprofit

As a Fundraisers' Monthly member, there is no obligation or contract. You can cancel anytime right in your membership portal or through an email - no questions asked.


Who should join Fundraisers' Monthly?

Ambitious, all-in nonprofit fundraisers, directors or volunteers determined to make a difference in the world. Our ideal members are:


Whether you fell into the nonprofit world (like us) or you pursued it, you've got grit! You love a challenge. You work hard. You persist. You're determined to make meaningful change.


You're curious - about other humans, the world and your place in it. You geek out about learning. You crave honest feedback, proven strategies and authentic mentorship.


You stand for something. You could be successful anywhere, but you chose a nonprofit. You chose meaning, connection & generosity. You raise money to change the world.

What makes Generous Change different?

Lots of fundraising consultants talk about donor motivation. We actually raise money - lots of it. We combine research with real donor experience to help you achieve stand-out success, step by specific step. We believe you already have all you need - we're here to help you put the pieces together.


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