We're Generous Change!

We're obsessed with helping you raise more money and change the world.

We bring a combined 30 years of fundraising experience and have personally raised over $70 million for arts, education and environment as staff and volunteers. We've led virtual and in-person workshops for universities, community foundations and nonprofits across the country, providing fundraisers and volunteers tactical tools, simple, actionable strategies and fun inspirational new ways to raise more money.

We don't just talk about fundraising. We've done it.

Jenna Goodman

Jenna bought a drive-thru espresso shop while still in college. After a successful 5 years, she sold it and was recruited into fundraising at her alma mater, the University of Central Missouri. After UCM, she joined KU Endowment as a development director and, ultimately, Team Lead for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Nancy Jackson

Nancy founded an award-winning nonprofit that, in its first 6 months, received large grants from the top 5 funders in the field. Most recently, Nancy served as KU Endowment's AVP for Strategic Development, a role created specifically in recognition that cross-cutting initiatives and bold ideas are the future of philanthropy. She serves on several grantmaking boards in her phenomenal community of Lawrence, KS.

Kelsey Barnes

Kelsey began her career as an Associate Director at a small nonprofit in West Philadelphia. After moving back to the midwest, she landed a job working for Nancy and Jenna at KU Endowment as the Development Coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She now serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Generous Change.

Lorna Walker

Lorna started her business at 18 years of age while simultaneously attending ESU, where she received her business degree. During her formative years of building her business, she was personally impacted by nonprofits and fundraising efforts that changed her families life forever. So much so, that after 22 years as an entrepreneur in sales, she decided to bring her extensive sales experience to this team. She has a heart for serving the fundraising community and helping lead them to the incredible services this company offers. Lorna is the Chief Growth Officer of Generous Change.


3 Reasons to Hire Us to Keynote Your Event:

  1. We're fundraising nerds. 🤓 We're constantly exploring concrete ways to better our amazing industry. We take the best of what's working for our clients today, our own fundraising experience and up-to-the-minute data to bring you powerful ideas and actionable steps.
  2. We inspire action. 💡=🏃‍♀️ You'll never leave our talk without at least one practical, actionable tool, one way to to instill a new habit or break an old one, or one new idea to reenergize and refresh your work.
  3. We always leave time for Q&A. 🎤 The very best ideas come from the very best questions! There's ridiculous amounts of experience and knowledge in every room and we never miss the chance to pass the mic, to hear from the phenomenal minds in the room and to come together to solve tough problems.

Speaking topics include: Leadership From Every Seat, The 3 C's: Your Fundraising Superskills, Take Back Your Time, How to Avoid Burnout, Reignite Your Purpose.